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A TYPICALLY MOROCCAN GASTRONOMIC RESTAURANT, RESTAURANT RYAD NEJJARINE is a top authentic and refined place offering you unique gastronomic Moroccan tables which have become original Fez benchmarks all over Morocco.

Restaurant RYAD NEJJARINE welcomes you in a luxuriant environment and vibrant atmosphere to find out a typically innovative and exquisitely ancestral cuisine deeply Moroccan-Fez typical testifying the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities.

Situated very few minutes from one of Fez exit places down in the labyrinths of the Medina, restaurant RYAD NEJJARINE offers very selected menus from classic dishes of the Moroccan gastronomy as well as typical second-to-none inventions.

Amidst the welcoming culturally rich and highly traditional restaurant of RYAD NEJJARINE you will definitely experience the unprecedented opportunity of tasting the Moroccan speciality of couscous _among other special dishes_ with seven vegetables, an exceptional food that makes Morocco’s gastronomic pride, a typical dish that has been praised by both prestigious gastronomic critics and international press.

From the menu to the slightest details, everything in our restaurant is well-handled by our qualified professional staff teams to make every precious minute of yours a lasting souvenir to come back have again and again an unforgettable moment you have always dreamt of.

You will appreciate your meal in the patio or the rooms enjoying the view of the magnificent Arabo-Andalousian architecture. The zellige decorations adorned with sculptured plaster will transport you centuries away to the era of 1001 nights. Taking your meal on the Panoramic terrace certainly offers a sound atmosphere to enjoy the food once more overlooking the serene XII century old Medina of the oldest city in Morocco.

Ranked among the best of Fez gastronomic restaurants, restaurant RYAD NEJJARINE offers a unique setting where you can experience exquisite Moroccan cuisine. You will certainly enjoy the taste of the food along with the refined architecture.